Over 10,000 free books have been shared via the movement to-date, thanks to support from the community.

“Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

In 2017, fellow book lover Carol picked up Tuesdays with Morrie and this quote from the book has since became one of her biggest inspirations to start Books on the Move.

Books on the Move is a book sharing initiative in Malaysia which aims to get people reading. ‘Book ninjas’ would leave books in train stations, coffee joints, schools or any other public places. These books can be picked up, read, and then returned for others to enjoy.

In 2018, three community libraries were set up in train stations of Kuala Lumpur with support from Think City and other partners. The libraries have since been adopted and settled in their new homes at KL Gateway, LINC KL and Paradigm Mall.


You too can help spread the joy of reading. Be a book ninja to share your own books; swap books at the libraries; start your own reading corner; join our conversations on social media.

If you find a free book, please take it, read it and share it with others. #takereadreturn

Special thanks to partners and collaborators who have stood by us along this journey